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This is mostly Doctor Who, but sometimes random other things pop up.

Mickey falls in love. Rose, not so much. s1e4 Aliens of London

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

doctor who is a story of… [insp]

"Clara sometimes asks me if I dream. "Of course I dream," I tell her, "Everybody dreams". "But what do you dream about?" she’ll ask. "The same thing everybody dreams about," I tell her, "I dream about where I’m going." She always laughs at that. "But you’re not going anywhere, you’re just wandering about". That’s not true. Not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but, at last, I know where I’m going, where I’ve always been going: Home, the long way ‘round."


They said you might come.

#This scene makes me so sad#because above all else#above UNIT and Torchwood#and even the Doctor#SHE was a doctor#Martha Jones helped people - her passion was to heal#and save lives#and now she might be the only one who can save the universe#but at the cost of the entire planet#she’ll kill them all#and it’s the last thing that she wants to do#but it’s the only option now#so when this woman pulls the gun on her and threatens to kill her#Martha sadly nods her head and tells her to do it#because then she wouldn’t have to make this choice#and it kills me
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oh my god martha nearly did to the earth what the doctor did to gallifrey

oh my god


would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?


Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 14 days till who: Favourite episode in season 6 - Closing Time

Oh Clara. Oh. You are beautiful. Beautiful fragile human skin. (x)

Potato blogrates


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OKAY so Lillie (oswaldsbreath) and I (imposibledoctor) decided to do a super cool tumblr awards together, so here we go!

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