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This is mostly Doctor Who, but sometimes random other things pop up.


donna noble + missing the big picture


"Isn’t anyone going to ask me what’s with the glasses?"

Pond challenge ➣ round 3 sillhouettes (javerts vs tempsamour)



Time And Relative Dimension In Space

doctor who meme  → nine scenes [3/9]: the medusa cascade

timey wimey fest: week one, day six

↳ favourite ship

clara + the doctor

Can I just say, traveling with you... I love it.

"Now she’s back and we’re running together, and she’s perfect. Perfect in every way for me. Clara. My Clara. Always brave, always funny, always exactly what I need. Perfect. Too perfect.” 

Amy Pond being adorable (✿◠‿◠)

I have a message and a question. A message from the Doctor and a question from me. W h e r e  I s  M y  W i f e?

Can I just say, traveling with you... I love it.